April 2019

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> Rincent Airports has performed deflection measurements with a FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer), on highway A570 on a 6.5km long section, (PACA Region).

The 280 measurements were carried out at night using a FWD type deflectometer (Falling Weight Deflectometer). These   tests  measure   the deformation  of  the  pavement subjected to a dynamic load simulating the passage of a 13-tonne axle.


Nine geophone sensors, arranged at different distances from the axis of application of the load, make it possible to obtain <deformation basins> and to calculate the elasticity modulus of the different layers of the tested roadway.


The FWD is manufactured by Rincent ND Technologies and calibrated by a COFRAC laboratory. Accurate geolocation and   Rincent   ND  Technologies software  for  the  transfer  and retrieval of measurements facilitate the reports preparation.


This equipment sold in 2018 in the United Kingdom was accredited by the competent body during a test session that brought together about fifteen equipment.

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