April 2019

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> The Rincent Nord-Pas-de-Calais agency associated with Rincent ND Applications   have   performed   a   diagnosis   of   the   quality  of  the fastenings of 42 facade cladding panels of a building.

Altogether 236 points were tested.

These tests consist of:

> to emit a pulse shock using a hammer equipped with a force sensor,

> to record, the vibratory response of the panels,

> after mathematical processing of the signals obtained, to analyze the curve V/F, result of the test, as a function of the frequency.


The "singular"   points   are   highlighted   by   a  high signal amplitude, associated with a low stiffness.


The analysis results in the examples of joined reports, with a color scale based on the calculated stiffness values.

Plate with a peeled angle

Plate attached normally

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