April 2019

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> The NF EN 16907-4 standard deals with the soil improvement using lime and / or hydraulic binders.

This part 4 of the standard has more than 100 pages and develops procedures related to the different types of materials defined in part 2 of the same standard.

The  Rincent  Ile de France Nord  agency  carries  out soil  improvement studies   in   laboratory   and   monitors   the   works   of  in  place  soils improvement.

The laboratory tests first identify the materials to be improved. Then, standardized  tests  are  performed  to  evaluate  the  suitability of these materials to the improvement.

Most commonly it is with lime and cement that soils are treated. It is a question  of  obtaining  mechanical  characteristics   compatible with the requirements of the building site. For example, obtaining an Immediate Bearing Index which guarantees the movement of the machines on the site is  one   of  the  first  requirements,   followed  by  the    mechanical characteristics of the treated material.

These tests are supplemented by volumetric swelling measurements which must  remain  below  the  limits  indicated  in  the soils treatment standard.

The final choice of the type of treatment takes into account the economic constraints related for example to the cost of the binder and the daily cost of stopping an earthworks site.

When carrying out the works, the control may be performed on the water content of the soil to be treated, the quantity of applied binder, see the attached photo of weighing and the bearing capacity of the platforms.




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