April 2019

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> The attached photos show a deep foundation element of 250mm in diameter at the time of the first tests and the same foundation after excavation.

The theoretical length of this foundation is 7 meters, that deduced from the mechanical  impedance  tests  is 2.7 meters  for a plane waves propagation velocity of 3500 m / s and 3.2 meters for 4000 m/s.


The  mobility  of  the  vibratory  response  is  abnormally high. The dynamic stiffness is abnormally weak.

These elements coming from the analysis of the vibratory response led the Rincent agency of Recife in North East of Brazil to alert the control office and   the    client    about   these    non-compliant    results.    Hence,   these investigations revealing a defect of concrete.


Concrete provides continuity of propagation of waves and this type of non-conformity is difficult to detect with the echo method which only uses the propagation of plane waves.


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